Run, Ashlea, Run

On Sunday the 9th of April I participated in my first ever marathon in Brighton. It was the most challenging activity that I have ever completed…

The question that people always first ask is “what time did you get?” hm, well… 5 hours and 33 minutes if you must know. This isn’t good as I was expecting to do it in four.


However, I did only decide to take on such an amazing achievement six weeks before the event. This meant that I could only do five weeks training while working two jobs. The most mileage I’d done was 11 prior to the race! I was incredibly nervous and even googled this the day before, eek.

I really wasn’t prepared for what the day would bring. So I forced myself to take it relatively easily as I didn’t want to not complete it due to unrealistic expectations.

I still got that medal, enjoyed the gorgeous views and soaked up the incredible atmosphere. I was a bit embarrassed as my name was written on my top and people were egging me on throughout the race shouting “go on Ash” while I looked beyond minging.

The weather was unpredictably sweltering. I was all geared up for the predicted 14 degrees Celsius heat. It reached 21! With my fair skin, you can imagine what happened. This is the burn a week after the event!

I wore some amazing gear from Superdry which made me easier to spot with my bright coloured palm tree capris. The pink hat also contributed! I accidentally ignored my boyfriend en route, whoops!

I have seriously never owned anything as comfortable as Superdry sportswear, the quality is out of this world and really adaptable to whatever sport you do. It’s also super stylish and I feel great wearing it.

It was perfect for the marathon as it was breathable, comfortable and didn’t cause any friction. It did give me some funny tan lines (as shown in the sunburn images above) due to the lack of sun cream but that was completely my fault.

It turns me in to one of these women… because it never comes off. I live in my Superdry ‘active-wear’.

The course was amazing and you felt supported every step of the way. The charity that I was running for, MIND, screamed my name whenever they spotted me which was great. You really felt a sense of community!

The water stations weren’t as frequent or as well stocked as I’d hoped but I managed because I had a bottle belt on which I stocked up whenever I could.


It was scary running past people that had passed out on pavements but they were always supported by the St. John Ambulance staff.

I made a friend at around mile 20 and he really helped me towards the end of the race. He was a great support!! He had only just recovered from a knee injury two weeks before the race and we had a great chat making the experience even greater. It’s a long way and it can get a bit lonely on your own.

My wonderful boyfriend met me on the beach at the finish with welcome arms and looked after me for the stiff couple of days that followed. I am really not sure that I could have made it home without him there. Those jelly buckly legs.


We did manage to get a picture of me standing outside of the Superdry shop wearing my Superdry clothes though!

So far I have raised £270 (including cash which isn’t on this site link) for MIND which is a charity very close to my heart:

Will I do another one? Definitely.

I’ll train PROPERLY for this one though and arrange it so that I don’t have to get up at 3.20am to make it on time.


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