Did Someone Say Free Tea?

Apparently, in Chinatown it is common to be given free tea at the table. If someone had told me this earlier… Well, I would have basically made it my second home. I found this out in a restaurant called Wong Tei in London on Friday night. This made me chuckle because I thought it sounded like wonkey… I am such a child!

I got incredibly excited by the golden gates, not quite blending in as a tourist… As you can tell from this really bad video below.

The food was incredible of course, and I have never seen portion sizes quite like it. I had another two meals to eat from the leftovers! The service at the restaurant was fantastic, they even shredded the duck in front of us ready for our pancakes. The plum sauce was like none other. It was top notch. Everything was super fast and tasted great. I was also quite proud of myself for being able to use chopsticks for the first time. I may not have been doing it correctly, but I did it. WOO!

It was a fab experience, asides from seeing all of the cooked duck carcasses in the windows. That, I wasn’t the biggest fan of. The lanterns, the vibrancy and the atmosphere of this little section of London is amazing.We explored some of the local patisseries and wondered around the surrounding streets taking in all of what Chinatown had to offer. Some of the cakes looked amazing and they had some pretty good deals on because we went so close to Chinese New Year.

There are many great stores to visit near Chinatown too including the M&M store and the Lego store which has recently opened. Check out the Youtube video below.

There was also a wicked ventriloquist en route!


So guys, advise to you… GO! It is great fun and an experience that is quite unique here in London. The area really does stand out with its reds, oranges and yellows – here, there and everywhere!

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