The Best Hot Drinks For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Some have had the serious misfortune of not ever being able to enjoy one of the finer things in life – coffee. This includes myself. My reaction to this beverage has not adapted since childhood… One mouthful followed by a pained gulp = sticking tongue out and scrunching up eyes wishing for the taste to go away as quickly as possible. Ew, I would really rather not.

I have discussed my dilemma with many people over the years and an overwhelming majority have said that they had to initially force themselves to like it. Believe me, I have tried but no matter how many mocha’s I force myself to drink, I still don’t like it.

I envy the coffee lovers that get that caffeine high while I sit there with my pro plus! Especially in weather like it is at the moment. It makes me seriously crave the comfort! While I was sitting in the office today thinking about the hot Ribena I would have later I thought to myself “what if there is someone else out there like me but they haven’t figured out what to drink instead yet?”. So, I have formed a list:

Hot Ribena


As mentioned above, you may have got the impression that this is my usual. You would be correct if you made this assumption. I have literally had one every night for the past week. It is a fantastic short term relief from the colderness but it is not so great for my teeth…or my insides.  I am a bit of a sugar fiend so this probably contributes to it being the one I consume the most.



This is basically the insides of a Malteser but hot. It’s beautifully sickly but it makes an ideal bedtime drink. As you use hot milk to make it, it also increases your calcium intake for the day.



Very similar in taste to Horlicks but it offers a few more nutritional benefits due to the vitamins included in the ingredients (contains whey) such as Vitamin B12, Zinc, Folic Acid and Iron.



I had never heard of this until tonight. I asked my boyfriend his advice on my article topic and this is what he suggested. Apparently it’s what people drink at football matches? He sold it to me as ‘it tastes like gravy, it’s meaty’ hmm… Not sure it’s the most appealing but it does the trick for the lads and ladies down the pitch watching the footie.

Hot Chocolate


Yep, standard – it is on pretty much every drinks menu around the country! That is not to say that it’s any less delicious because of this. It’s popularity is a reflection of the drink itself – smooth, chocolatey goodness. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that?



Anyone who knows me understands my love for this beverage! I have a very extensive collection. It helps me get a little bit of caffeine in to my system and I actually enjoy the taste. With so much to choose from, the possibilities and combinations are endless. You can get completely different feelings from the same drink.

Mulled Wine


I’m not much of a drinker, I am a bit of an old granny but if this was easily accessible all year round, I would probably be tipsy every night. I love the stuff! It usually reappears on shelves during the festive period and I thoroughly enjoy it when accompanied by a mince pie.

Hot Water with Lemon, Ginger and Cinnamon


Ginger is a natural winter warmer and these ingredients are easy to bulk buy! It is flavoursome and seriously does the trick of heating up those icy cold body parts.

Spiced Apple Cider

  • 470100

Imagine, the sweetness of the apple with the tang of the alcohol… Yep, good right? It really is. If you are not much of a drinker, they sell ‘Hot Apple Spiced’ in Costa during the Christmas period which I highly recommend.


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